SLOBODA formed in March of 2000 originated with 12 dancers as a group of Serbian National Defence and has grown to a membership of 30 in less than two years.  

The group’s first performance was in Warren, Michigan in October of 2000 for the SND Midwest Convention.  Since that time, the group has performed at various events and held their 1st Anniversary Folklore Festival on May 26, 2001 at Monastery Gracanica in Grayslake, Illinois.

In May of 2001 Nikola and his wife, Christine, hosted three workshops on Serbian Folk Dances taught by Balkan dance specialist Dennis Boxell who was flown in from Los Angeles just for this event.  

These workshops were open to the public and were very helpful not only to the Serbian folklore dancers, but also to other folklore choreographers, dance groups and individual dancers interested in Balkan dance.  

Mr. Boxell lived in the Balkans for 3 years where he studied and recorded folklore
dances, music and traditions.  He brought a new light and understanding of traditional folklore dances to all those who attended.

SLOBODA has been concentrating on various choreographies of Serbia in the hope of preserving Serbian customs through traditional folk dances.  

In pursuit of SND’s objective to preserve Serbian Culture and to promote understanding and improve relations, it was natural that SND become a sponsor for the group.